About Us

We always ensured that we selected best raw materials without compromising on quality and then adopted latest manufacturing processes and keeping a tight quality control by periodic checks during processes. This resulted in better products and customer feed back on quality was excellent. We also ensured that all delivery schedules were honored and spares reached customers in time so that their production programmes were not disturbed.
Now, we felt that time has come to broaden our manufacturing base. And so other manufacturing unit was added to the group.

We started GIP Precision Technics in 1988 with a view to be self reliant for injection moulded components. We have now fully automatic injection machines, pneumatically and hydraulically operated moulding machines in various capacities with the other ancillary machinery enabling us to develop and manufacture any type of spare part using Nylon, ABS, Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Delrin, Polypropylene and Bakelite raw materials.

We have now manufacturing facilities to undertake development and manufacturing any mechanical items for textile or any other industry.

However, we were not content to sit with satisfaction and never thought this is the end nor the goal we dreamed to achieve. We were confident that with the large product range of spare parts whose quality and performance had been approved by customers all over India , we should be able to export these spare parts.

We started a new company called GIP Exports in year 1988 keeping in mind quality conscious International Buyers. We offered to customers the spare parts for those machines, which were manufactured in India with collaboration with the companies who had supplied the same machines to them. It was our good fortune that they were familiar with parts and were either importing from the machine manufacturers or getting from local suppliers.

We began modestly to offer free samples, literature and offered quality spare parts with firm delivery commitments and at a price found acceptable.

Now, we are supplying to many buyers in overseas market. We are getting repeat orders from our buyers which itself speaks for quality standards we maintain for our products, we strictly adhere to delivery schedules for the shipments and for all this we always offer very good prices.

GIP Exports a gip group company is exporting spare parts for textile industry and especially for man made fiber industry. We manufacture precision spare parts for yarn processing machines like Draw Texturisers, Two-For-One Twisters, Draw Twisters and Precision Cone Winders.

Recently , we have added a new range of spares for Lace Braiding machines ( Crotchet ) and supply same to customers in domestic and overseas market.

Future Products

We will made different product as per customer requirement....